Welcome Aspens!

Our new provider for school lunches

We now have a new catering provider called Aspens Services. Aspens Services provide a more varied menu consisting of a greater amount of freshly prepared food. The children have been enjoying the delicious lunches and have been challenging themselves to try new foods.

We also have a new booking system for lunches and it is parents responsibility to ensure that if a school lunch is required, it is on the system by 0900.  Lunches can be pre-ordered in advance for upcoming weeks.  If no lunch is recorded and there is no packed lunch provided from home, then the child will receive a Jacket Potato.

Tutorial demonstration on how to use the system

Once familiar with the system, please go on line below and register your child.  You will need a school code and a child code which would have been allocated to you.

Aspens Activity Booklet

Aspens Ordering Service

Summer Menu

Allergy Matrix – Week 1

Allergy Matrix – Week 2

Allergy Matrix – Week 3

Primary Core Menu









Lunch time is a key time in the school day where we support children in socialising over their lunch. We then provide a wide range of play activities including football and dance. We believe a happy active lunch time supports the children in their personal and social development.

Healthy Packed Lunches

It is important that children are eating a healthy, balanced lunch at school.  This means plenty of foods that contain the nutrients that children need, and fewer foods that are high in sugar and  saturated fat.

Packed lunches that are brought to school must be healthy and balanced and should NOT contain sweets or any form of chocolate spread.

For lunch box ideas, please find some sites below that offer ideas and advice:!q=’perpage%3D30%26Collection%3DKids%2527+lunchbox’

Due to allergies we ask that NO nut products are brought into school.

All children should bring a water bottle each day to school containing water only.