Respectful Rubin Award

Respectful Rubin

Respectful Rubin helps us to:

Listen carefully

Be gentle and safe with everybody and everything

Enjoy my learning and never waste time


This is the story of how Rubin became Respectful Rubin:

Rubin wanted to be a super hero but he was not respectful at all,
He didn’t listen to anyone even when he was told of the dangers of the near by jungle.
He didn’t try hard with his learning about the jungle or anything and wasted time every day
Because of this he didn’t think about being safe or gentle with everybody and everything

One day without listening or being safe he went into the jungle the dangerous jungle
There he came a cross a fierce Tiger who wanted to eat him up.
Rubin had to run for his life with the Tiger getting closer and closer calling out ‘’dinner tasty dinner’’
Rubin thought he would be eaten and thought why didn’t I listen?,
Why didn’t I try hard with my learning and not waste time?
Why didn’t I make sure I was safe and gentle with everybody and everything?!

Just then the Tiger stepped on a spikey thorn and roared in pain and stopped, luckily Rubin escaped.
As Rubin began to walk home determined to listen try hard and be safe a flash of lightening appeared and a voice said

“you will from this day become a super hero and your name will be Respectful Rubin’’ and then it boomed’’
Your job will be to help all children to understand the importance of being respectful.’’ It asked Rubin ‘’
Do you agree to use your super hero powers to help all children with this?’’.

Straight away Rubin agreed and became the super hero ‘ Respectful Rubin’’

From that day forward he has kept his promise and now he will be a super hero at Elson Infant School where
special Respectful Rubin badges will be worn by those who show the respectful behaviours and
they will help others to do the same.

Listening when other are talking, trying hard and not wasting time. Being gentle and safe with every body and everything.

Every day a child from each class will be given the Respectful Rubin award and will wear the badge all day.

Parents will be informed by text message.

Well done to all the Respectful Rubins!