Starting School in  September 2022

If your child is 4 or will turn 4 before 1st  September 2022, they can start school in September 2022.

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Applications open for Hampshire residents on 1st November 2021, the closing date for applications is Saturday 15th January 2022. – Don’t miss it! – We will be announcing details of our open days very soon on here and to all the local nurseries/pre-schools.

School Applications

Applications to Elson Infant School can be made via Hampshire County Council School Admissions. Should you have any queries or require guidance regarding the admissions process, you can contact School Admissions on 0300 555 1377 or who will be able to assist you.

Please click on the link below for catchment area and other information.

Elson Infant School

Admission Policy

Admission Policy 2021-2022

Admission Policy 2020-2021

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